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We have been thinking about how we discuss the flavor and use of our coffee while we are at a farmer's market versus what we have presented for product descriptions on our store's static web pages.  Obviously, while we are at the market, we have the benefit of actually being there, answering questions, and give out freshly brewed samples (...all done as pour overs as the market is going on).  It's a vastly different ( ... and much more interactive ...) experience - and we have been trying to come up with ways that will improve the information for each product - to help you (... out there seated at your browser... ) be informed about the coffees and have the information to make a more fully informed decision as to which coffees would better suit your personal preferences and brewing technique.

So we've made three distinct changes to the coffee listings to help out in that regard:

1) There are now three options to select - weight, ship or pickup and grind.  We think it provides a straightforward way to select what you want, how you want it, and how to get it.

2) We added reviews for each of the coffees.  This is a double edged sword - having reviews gives you another way to assess each of the coffees, based on other people's opinions.  However, since coffee is seasonal, we run the risk that people avoid buying coffees that haven't been reviewed; and the only reason they haven't been reviewed is that they are the newest and freshest offerings we have.  Our hope is that people enjoy the seasonality that is coffee and also enjoy exploring new coffees as much as we do!  When we get older and more stodgy, we'll probably embark on making blends that can be offered all year long, but there are too many great coffees to taste and to develop profiles for...

3) Under each of the tasting notes, we will be adding a table consisting of a clear description of the roast level, body of the coffee, acidity level/type and what we have found as good brewing techniques that bring out the best from each bean.  Which also makes us move from our comfort zone a bit - as we work on getting better at a wider variety of brewing techniques (...I'm thinking French press, Clever dripper, etc... )

We hope you find these changes useful - if you have other suggestions or feedback - click that 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page.

Til next time...

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