About Us

With over 16 years of roasting experience, we are happy to welcome you to our on-line store. We are a regional roaster physically located in the Electric City - aka Schenectady NY.

We work with coffee importers (still too small to afford those trips...) to find the highest quality green coffee that is sustainably farmed, and helps to improve the lives of those who produce it.  We roast each coffee to a profile that provides maximum flavor - we let the beans do the talking.

(Winter in the roasting house can get pretty cold before we fire up our 5kg roaster.  The "ski beard" helps only half of us.)

Stephanie's father was the ring leader of a group of rogue scientists from RCA's research lab.  Armed with a cheap importer's license, the group flourished while importing single vineyard Burgundy wines. It is said that her father's preference for Burgundy over Bordeaux has influenced her preference for single origin coffees over blends, and for letting the bean dictate how it's roasted, rather than roasting to a pre-determined notion of what color it should be.  

Brian is trained as a mechanical engineer, and it shows in his approach to the craft and science of coffee roasting.  Developing a process to deliver consistently great tasting coffee from the fully manual roasting machine has given him a great hands-on challenge that he finds immensely rewarding.  Ask him about roast profiles and colorimetry if you dare.

Likewise, we hope our coffees give you great satisfaction.  If for some reason, our product does not live up to your expectations, please let us know.  We will make every effort to change that situation - we hope that you find the same high standards in our customer service as you find in our coffees.