El Salvador Finca Hungria - Bird Friendly, Natural processed

$ 9.00

Light roast, very sweet, like a chocolate covered cherry!

Established in the 1930's, Finca Hungria is an organic farm that also carries the Rainforest Alliance and SMBC certifications. Significant tree cover by cedar, oak, and basalm trees provides shaded growth for the farm's coffee and a natural rain forest habitat for local birds. Largely unscathed by the Ilamatepec eruption in 2006 and the coffee rust epidemic in 2012, the farm maintains strong production and has achieved a Denomination of Origin status.

Location Santa Ana, El Salvador
Altitude 1,100 - 1,200m
Varieties Bourbon,Caturra,Pacas,Catimor
Process Natural
Drying Patio sun dried
Harvest March - May
Export n/a