Our packaging

We try to be an ecologically sensitive company - and packaging makes it a bit tricky.  Think about the active debate about paper vs. plastic bags at the grocery store as an example of all the factors that contribute to environmental impact - see  here or here.   And it's not feasible to ship roasted coffee in reusable cotton bags...contact with the air rapidly decreases its freshness and flavor. 

Our solution was to pick a user friendly bag that would keep the coffee as fresh as possible.  The longer life would help shelf life, leading fewer people to chuck out unused/old portions - reducing overall waste.  We ship our coffee in foil lined stand up pouches with two additional features:

  • a one way valve that allows the CO2 inherent to the roasting process to off gas from the beans and keep them from oxidizing in our packaging - so our beans arrive to you as fresh as possible
  • a resealable zip-top bag so that once you open it, you can close it, squeeze it, and minimize the amount of air in contact with the beans. Simpler and more efficient than those tin-tie bags you'll often find used for coffee.

A picture is worth a thousand words: