Chicken and the egg...

At the farmer's markets, we get a lot of requests for us to sell cups of coffee.  Our standard response has been that we:

  1. Don't have the required license for it
  2. Are trying to focus our energies on being the best roaster we can possibly be.

Both of which are true, but we are coming to realize that it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation.  We give samples to people who are willing to stop so that overall they are happier with their choice when they get home and brew it for themselves.  Everybody's taste buds are different, and trying before buying just makes sense.


But we had to brew the coffee to make the samples, right?  So we must have some level of proficiency in brewing coffee - it would be silly for us to give out samples of sludge...And at the same time, we acknowledge that we are not going to compete in the 2016 World Barista Championship.  But I digress....


We will be working on curating links to what we feel are the best "recipes" to make great coffee using a variety of equipment.  And adding in original content, with probably crappy photos, where we feel the content might be a little light...We aspire to cover methods from most concentrated to the most tea-like methods:


Phin (Vietnamese coffee maker)


Mocha pot

French press

Clever dripper


Pour over



Keep checking back - we'll keep adding content so that hopefully it becomes your favorite site to learn about new brewing techniques.


Til next time...

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