The devil is in the details...

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The last step in any on-line transaction is the check out.  It's the point that almost everyone dreads - we all like stuffing the cart, but we all hate seeing what the end result is going to really cost us once taxes and shipping are factored in.


So a bit of good news - we have dropped the shipping rates to make things better for you and simpler for us.  It's a win-win situation.  The new rates are:

1) USPS priority - orders up to $50 ship for a flat rate of $3.

2) USPS priority - orders from $50 to $100 ship for a flat rate of $10. 

3) UPS orders from 1 to 16 lbs ship for a flat rate of $8.  (UPS charges us an additional $4 to deliver to a residential address  - which accounts for 99% of our online orders.)

Orders over $100 should contact us directly.


And one other tidbit, we've had a couple of customers tell us they had issues with the website (whether it be unreachable, or some widget not working).  If that happens to you, email us.  Intermittent problems are hard to diagnose ("it only hurts when I laugh") - but doubly so if we never hear about it.  We'll even compensate you for your troubles.  The more accurate and detailed the description, the better.

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