Where there's a will...

daily grind power to the people Schenectady GreenMarket

...there's a way.

In short:  we are going to have a coffee grinder at the Schenectady Greenmarket now (powered by a 12V battery - science!).


The blah-blah-blah bit:

Early morning coffee is a ritual.  Think of early tribes, long before the Romans, doing what ever they could to chase the moon from the sun during an eclipse in an attempt to bring light back to the world.  That's what morning coffee is like.

As we talk to more people at the tastings, we have come to realize that, in general, morning coffee is also a trade between quality and convenience.  (Before the huc and cry starts, just remember:  'quality' and 'convenience' are concepts in your head - there's no wrong or right.  But there are differences.)

For the people who do not have a grinder, or want a more convenient product to use in their morning ritual, we've found a way to overcome our lack of plug in power at the market on Sundays.  See the picture below for the equipment:

We are going to use a golf cart battery (on the left) connected to an inverter (upper right) to provide us 110v.  Along with that, we'll have a Kitchenmaid grinder that is relatively low power, and produces a serviceable grind.  That will help people make coffee (lower right in mug).

That being said - the grinder we have in the shop is better.  IF you can plan ahead (...and you'll save $1/lb...) and pre-order online by selecting the "Premarket pre-order" item found on each product page, it would be best.

We don't know how long the battery will last us - it's done 1/2 of a pound so far in the successful shakedown test.  So as always, come see us early to get the best selection and adequate battery power.  But the customer service should always be a constant (...at a high level...).  If not, please let us know what you need or would like to see.


Till next time...

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