Good news - bad news...

In general, you'd have a choice.  But it's just a blog, so you get the bad news first...We are out of the Peru La Florida.

It is now mounted on our wall of champions!


But, as promised - now the good news.  The Lovely Miss Stephanie (TM) has been on a bean buying spree.  


We are restocked on our favorite Honduran Manos de Mujer (absolutely killer as a cold brew coffee - can you say "dark chocolate"?  I thought you could...And also on the absolutely impeccable Guatamelan Finca Ceylan.  Clean spicy cup that is oh, so friendly to the earth and the birds.


But the good news continues!  She's also selected for your brewing enjoyment a new Sumatran.  (Say what? But Brian, you don't like Sumatrans, is she crazy?)  This coffee is from an all-woman's co-op from the northern tip of Sumatra - from their own heirloom varietal - Ketiara "Adsenia".  It's triple picked and organic to boot.


We've also picked up a nice Tanzanian Ruvuma AA as a replacement for the Peruvian La Florida.  Our quick first take is caramel and lemon zest...but we got room for improvement on that already wonderful profile.  Hopefully we'll have that ready in 3 weeks or so.



 And leaving the best for last - we've dipped our toe into the micro-lot pool.  Very limited production from Honduras.  Very exciting.  We'll keep you posted on that as we have more news....


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