First Farmer's Market

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Had an outstanding day at the Schenectady Green Market on Sunday 5/3.  The weather was great and we even managed to set up our space without bickering (the dress rehearsal in the backyard helped!)

 We want to thank all of the people that dropped by and had a taste!

Things we learned:

  1. Doing our "pop-up cafe" is a ton of fun.
  2. There's a lot of interest in "big" and "bold" coffees.  Our pour-over samples don't accentuate those qualities as much as other brewing methods would - so stay tuned!
  3. Sampler Packs  are a hit - they sold out first. If you are indecisive about which varietal to buy - show up early and you can choose 4 4oz pouches to reduce the risk, or spread the joy - however you want to think about it.
  4. We make the kettle boil over more often than not...but that's because we get to chatting.... 
  5. People tasted banana in the Honduras Manos de Mujer!  That taste hit me a couple of days later as I was drinking it at work brewed with a Clever dripper...I love it!  If we all keep at it, we can have a comprehensive tasting list!  Thanks for the help.

Til next time.

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