Honduras Finca Mi Esperanza - Microlot, Fair Trade, Organic

$ 9.00

Another great  microlot from the COMSA Co-op located in the Marcala region of Honduras.  These beans are "honey processed" at the farm.  This process sits somewhere between natural processed and washed - and is incredibly labor intensive.  Not just the careful removal of the skin and pulp to leave the mucilage attached to the green bean, but also in the monitoring so that the beans undergo the right amount of fermentation that adds to the depth and complexity.
Rosa Elia Marquez Calix has been producing coffee for about ten years, along with six other members from her family. Her family has been in coffee for three generations. Along with coffee, Rosa also grows some fruits and vegetables to share with her family. Rosa has her own beneficio and she uses a solar drying method to dry the beans to an optimal moisture level. Rosa wanted to share with anyone who encounters her coffee, that her farm is 100% organic and the altitude, combined with proper care and responsibility, allow her to produce a coffee with unique characteristics. The name of the farm “ Mi Esperanza” translates into “ my hope”. Rosa admits that having hope and faith is what gets her through tough times and enables her to thrive.
Finca Mi Esperanza produced 18 bags of coffee this year - and we were fortunate to be able to purchase one of them  and share it with you.
 It's a very easy cup to love - a citrusy fruit cocktail with toffee sweetness.
Location Marcala, La Paz
Altitude 1,750 masl
Varieties Catuai, Lempira, Pache
Process Honey
Drying Solar dryers
Harvest January - March
Export April - June