Honduras Finca El Eden - Microlot, Fair Trade, Organic

$ 10.00

Natural processed micrlolot.  Notes of cherry, strawberry and milk chocolate sweetness.

Wilberto Yánez, is known by the COMSA family as "Tito". From a very young age he was part of the coffee activities because his father and uncles were dedicated to the cultivation and processing, but in an artisanal way. Wilberto says that Finca El Eden, "is the result of a farm that my father gave me many years ago. When the rust attacked the coffee crops, I did the replanting and reused the plants that had survived the plague, because I assumed that they had developed resistance. Like most producers in Marcala, being a member of COMSA has allowed us to live in the coffee world in a different way; we have understood that ecological or organic practices are the beginning of life. And that as producers our responsibility is to implement them. I also understood that quality starts in the plants, but that quality is not enough, but the consistency and discipline in the processes from harvesting to drying the grain will guarantee cup quality. In 2018, I won the first place in the competition of Café de la Region DO Marcala, as part of the celebration of the XII Marcala Coffee Culture Festival 2018.    
Location Marcala, La Paz
Altitude 1,450 masl
Varieties Catuai, Icatu
Process Natural
Drying Raised beds
Harvest January - March
Export April - May