Colombia Tolima ASCISP

$ 6.50

Notes of honey, tangerine and black cherry.

The ASCISP is an association of coffee growers from the San Pedro Indigenous Paez Reservation in Gaitania, Tolima. This organization is part of the Nasa We'sx Indigenous Reservation, formed by more than 66 coffee growing families who work extremely hard to respect and preserve the environment around them. They produce high quality organic coffee, living in peace on land set aside for them by the central government. They are involved in every process the bean undergoes, including serving the final cup at local markets.

Gaitania is a corregimiento, or subdivision of the Planadas municipality in Tolima department. Gaitania is extremely remote, not connected by paved roads to any city or the highway network. The region is pristine and the landscape is extremely beautiful and unique to other regions of Colombia, with steep, sharp mountain peaks in the shadow of the Nevado del Huila, a perpetually snow-capped volcano which gives Gaitania excellent volcanic soil. The area is famous among Colombians for being the birthplace of the FARC, a leftist insurgent group that has been waging a civil war against the Colombian military for over 50 years. Caught in the middle of the fighting, they signed an informal peace treaty with the FARC in 1996 when the situation was at its worst and have been able to mind their own business ever since.

We are honored to help support ASCISP continue small-scale organic agriculture - in our own small way helping to preserve the threatened traditions of the Paez people.

 Location Gaitania, Tolima
Altitude 1,200- 2,600 masl
Varieties Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi & Typica
Process Fully washed
Drying Sun dried
Harvest April - August
Export December - February