Peru Florentina Facundo

$ 10.00

Doña Florentina Facundo has been a member of COOPAFSI since 2005, following the example of her father, a deceased member of the cooperative. She was one of the first women to start the “Savia del Cafe” committee and actively encourages additional women in her area to join. Currently, this base has 40 coffee producing members and has a good projection of continued growth. In order to increase her income, Florentina also makes beautiful saddlebags and seat covers. Doña Florentina Facundo’s farm, El Palto, is located 1600 meters above sea level and gets its name, El Palto (avocado), from being in an area where avocados prosper. El Palto employs 4 people full time and all processing of the coffee is completed at the farm. Through the information and assistance received from COOPAFSI, Dona Florentina is excited to experiment with new processing methods, such as prolonged fermentation.

 Location San Ignacio, Cajamarca
Altitude 1,500- 1,750 masl


Process Fully washed
Drying Raised beds
Harvest May
Export September