Honduras Finca La Reina - Microlot, Fair Trade, Organic

$ 10.00

Honey processed microlot.  With raspberry, peach and honey goodness.

Fatima Mercedes Maradiaga is not only a coffee producer, she is also a teacher in her community. She loves combining her two passions: education and the world of coffee. Since she was a child, she dreamed of owning her own farm. Fatima comes from a family of coffee producers and her mother was always her biggest inspiration because she enjoyed every aspect of coffee production, from the planting all the way through the milling process.  In 2007, Fatima’s dream became reality and she decided to purchase her own plot of land and named her farm “La Reina”, which translates to “The Queen”, which is what her husband always calls her. Her husband is also a coffee producer and they are constantly learning new techniques from each other. With help from the COMSA cooperative, Fatima has learned several techniques for organic agricultural practices to maintain the health of her land, while enhancing the quality of her coffee. Fatima says that the biggest lesson she has learned is that coffee production involves a lot of patience and you must genuinely enjoy all activities involved with the process.  She maintains the vision that the farm is family heritage and they must care for it for the sake of the future generations who will take over.
Location Marcala, La Paz
Altitude 1,520 masl
Varieties Bourbon, Catuai, Parainema
Process Honey
Drying Raised beds
Harvest March
Export April - May